In 1994, a very simple Sacramental Certificate inspired me to create my own range of certificates.
With the help of the principal of one of our local Catholic schools and the pastoral care sister, we worked out acceptable wording to go with my graphics and the idea became reality.
1998 saw the reality develop into a formal business and the business expanded from there. We developed a web site, introduced more and different products, upgraded machinery and modernised methods.
The business was now known as 2D3P, operated by Anne and Mark Doherty.
We have supplied personalised items to people all around Australia.
At the end of 2015 the decision was made to wind up the printing side of the business.
The machinery is wearing out and as a hobby business, it is no longer practical/economical/viable to replace it.
However, there is still a need for personalised certificates, so designs will be made available through this site for purchase. Graphics only, to be inserted into your choice of publishing/word processing program, or graphics and wording and you add the variable data such as names and dates, or we add all the data in and return a finished file to you for printing.
You are most welcome to use the wording seen on the gallery certificate examples, or to create your own.