How do I start?

Start by reading the options under How It Works. When you’ve decided how much work you want to put into it, choose your option.

Do you still offer Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are gradually being introduced. They are available in the gallery, but not yet as a direct order. Please use Contact us if you would like to order.

What paper should I use?

You can use whatever paper your printer (machine) can handle if you are printing your own. If you are having items printed, a weight of 160gsm or more is the most effective.

What printer should I use?

As far as machinery goes, a colour printer is suggested. Laser, wax or inkjet can all be used. Be careful with inkjet, as the ink can bleed if it gets wet (even just a licked thumb can make a mess). A way to get round that is to laminate the certificates after printing/signing.

Can I edit the finished product?

Graphics are not editable, and any wording that is part of the graphic (eg. Spirit gifts) is not editable, but all of the wording in options ONE, TWO or THREE  created in Word or Publisher are editable . If you opt for a pdf file, editing is not available unless you have a pdf editor Рnot a just a reader. Please also see the question about restricted fonts.

How many times can I use a template?

You can use and reuse the template as many times as you want. When you purchase a template, it is yours to keep.

I don’t have paypal, what can I use?

Australian customers can use the Request Invoice link if paypal is not available to them.

In options TWO and THREE, how many modifications can I make before I confirm an order?

You can make as many as it takes until you are happy with your design.

What are restricted fonts and what can I do with them?

Some fonts are restricted to viewing and printing only, unless you have that font on the computer that you are using to edit the document. The easiest way around this is to install the font on your computer, or use a font that is not restricted. None of the fonts used in 2D3P certificates are restricted.

How do I get names and other details onto my certificate?

See under the menu “Printing Tips” for instructions on how to use mail merge in MSWord. Publisher is more complicated. Please contact me if publisher is your only option and you need help. Or use Option THREE and the details will be added for you.

More FAQs coming as questions are asked. Thanks