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Adding the Graphic

So, you have purchased the graphic and set up your page…. now what?

Add your graphic with the insert menu , or the icon on the objects toolbar for earlier versions of publisher . Your graphic should now cover the page, whether you are A4 or A5 size, with 1 cm margins all round.

For Word: Some of the graphics have a piece that overhangs the edge particularly on the left hand side (eg. grapes on Euch2) This will give the illusion that your graphic is not 1cm from the edge – which of course the main section of the graphic is not. If your printer can handle it, make the LH margin a bit smaller, perhaps .75cm. You can also drag the right hand side and the bottom to suit your preferences.

For Publisher: You can place the graphic wherever you like on the page and stretch any corner or straight side to get it to sit where you want it.