We offer 3 options for creating and printing your own Sacramental Certificate.
See How It Works to help decide your course of action, or use the highlighted option numbers below  to go straight to your chosen option.

Option ONE  

* Purchase a graphic – by paypal or invoice
* Insert into your favorite publishing program
* Add all your own text
* Print


Option TWO

* Choose your certificate
* Choose your wording, fonts and colours
* Follow the form to make sure everything you want is included
* We layout and format, then email the certificate to you with place markers for you to add your variable data   (names, date, location, celebrant) in Word or Publisher format.
* Print

Option THREE

*Choose your certificate
* Choose your wording, fonts and colours
* Use the form to send us your details, (Names, Date, Celebrant, etc)
* We layout and format your certificate, insert the details, merge any variable data ( names, multiple dates )
* We email your completed and merged certificate in Word or PDF format, ready to print.
* Print