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Adding the Graphic

So, you have purchased the graphic and set up your page…. now what?

Add your graphic with the insert menu , or the icon on the objects toolbar for earlier versions of publisher . Your graphic should now cover the page, whether you are A4 or A5 size, with 1 cm margins all round.

For Word: Some of the graphics have a piece that overhangs the edge particularly on the left hand side (eg. grapes on Euch2) This will give the illusion that your graphic is not 1cm from the edge – which of course the main section of the graphic is not. If your printer can handle it, make the LH margin a bit smaller, perhaps .75cm. You can also drag the right hand side and the bottom to suit your preferences.

For Publisher: You can place the graphic wherever you like on the page and stretch any corner or straight side to get it to sit where you want it.

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Setting up the page.

Creating and printing your own certificate… first time around, perhaps a bit daunting. How do you start?

Start by deciding what program you would like to use to create your certificate. Any instructions found on this site will be for MSword or Publisher, in Windows format. Many documents created in Office for windows can be opened in Office for Mac without any modification, but menus and methods may vary.

Then, decide whether you want to create an A4 or A5 sized certificate. The graphics are set up to suit those proportions.

Open a new document of your chosen size in your chosen program.

The next and pretty important thing to do, is to set the margins on the page. If you are using options two or three, the next step is not relevant, it will be done as part of those options.

My recommendation is margins of 1cm all round. The program will usually tell you if it can’t handle that margin with an error message something like… Your print margins are outside the printer limits, ignore, fix or proceed?  If you are going to have the certificates printed by a copy shop or similar, they may have their own limits. Ask, or look up their templates (if available) on their website. They should handle 1 cm easily.